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Home Care Policy


Here are the policies and procedures you have been looking for! These policies and procedures have been used by hundreds of people across America.

Writing policies and procedures is a daunting task. Where do you begin? We say, why attempt to do this complicated task, when it has already been done for you? They are not just guidelines, they are legislation, and you cannot afford to get them wrong.

A procedure is a sequence of steps for completing a given activity. Our policies and procedures manual, clearly states to everyone in the company what guidelines they need to operate under. It is wide ranging and comprehensive. When everyone understands and knows the rules, there are no "grey areas". Whether it is the operational staff going out to people’s homes, or the administrative staff in your office, everyone knows what to do.

Total of 182 Policies & Procedures



Licensed & Certified: Policies & Procedures Manual
31 Agency Operations Policies, 34 Human Resources Policies,
47 Clinical, 23 Quality Management & Improvement

Approval of Policy & Procedures Manual
Policy & Procedure Manual Explained
Agency Mission Statement
Agency Objectives
Lines of Authority & Organizational Structure
Administrative Responsibilities
Home Health Care Philosophy
Purpose & Scope
On-Call Course of Action
Backup Services & After Hours Care
Agency Operating Hours
Methods of Communication
Communication Barriers & Providing Assistance
Physician Delegation
Processing Referrals
Service Area
Admission Qualifications
Non-Coverage of Service
Compliance & Implementation
Patient Conduct, Responsibilities, & Rights
Rights of the Elder
Advanced Directives
Fraudulent & Abusive Acts
Illegal Solicitation & Remuneration
Patient Re-Certification
Financial Plan & Management
Financial Stability
Payment Change Notification
Agency Closure Process

Admission Course of Action
Therapy Admission Process
Supervising RN
Supervision of Agency Services
Supervision of Clinical Staff
Physician Communication / Receiving Orders
Physician Stamped Signature
Medical Record Protection
Confidentiality of Patient Information 
Agency / Client Agreement & Disclosure
Release of Patient's Medical Records
Patient Plan of Care
Correcting Errors of Agency & Patient Information
Use of Abbreviations for Agency & Patient Information
Therapy Services
Medical Social Worker Services
Nutritional Counseling
Delegation of Specific Nursing Tasks Assignment
Coordination of Care
Chart Order of Patient Information
Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation: Investigations & Reporting
Agency Safety Procedures
Emergencies & Natural Disasters Plan + Form
Disaster & Priority Categorization + Form
Emergency Entry
Emergency Situation Plan
Medication Administration
Medication Worksheet & Schedule + Form
Medication Quality Management
Drug Manufacture Recall
Possession of Dangerous Drugs & Vaccines
Intravenous Therapy *
Assistance with Medications by a Home Health Aide
OASIS (Outcome And Assessment Information Set)
Oasis Transmittals & Data
Medical Records & Documentation
Client List & Services 
Out of Hospital DNR + Form
Anaphylactic Reaction
CPR Administration

Caring for the Dying
Pronouncement of Death
Patient Discharge + Form
Patient Transfers + Form
Use of Restraints
Latex Reaction & Alternatives + Chart

Employee File
Background Check
Verification Of Licensed Professionals
Drug Testing
Sexual Harassment
Verification of Vehicle Insurance & Drivers License
Mileage Reimbursement
Employee Initial TB Testing + Form
Employee Annual TB Test + Form
Dress Code
Cell Phone Usage
90 Day Probationary Period
Paid Holidays and Paid Leave
Employee Benefits
Definition of an Employee Visit
Classification of Personnel Positions
The Administrator
The Director of Nursing
Rules of Vocational Nurse Examiners
HHA Evaluation & Supervision
Contract Services
Employee Evaluation
Employee Attendance & Leave
Employee Development Program
Orientation & Training
Management Training & Continuous Education
Confidentiality of Information
Employee Conduct
Disciplinary Actions
Violence in the Work Place
Grievance Procedure
Family & Medical Leave
Compliance of Agency Policies
Appropriate Clinical Training

Annual Agency Evaluation
Professional Advisory Committee
The Governing Board
Policy & Procedures Modifications
Nurse Peer Review
Agency Supplies & Equipment
Management of Expired Supplies
CLIA : Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
Laboratory Deliveries & Collection
Sharps & Medical Waste Management
Nurse Aide & Employee Misconduct Registry Check
HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act
Quality Assessment & Performance Improvement
Patient Satisfaction Survey + Questionnaire
Patient Complaints + Form
OASIS Adverse Events Management + Worksheet
Quarterly Clinical Review
Accident / Incident Reporting & Management + Report Form
Infection Control Management & Assessment + Assessment Form
Blood & Body Fluid Spills Handling
Reporting Communicable Diseases
Blood & Infectious Materials Exposure
Medical Device Reporting


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Policies and procedures are imperative for several reasons, including the times where you may need to defend the agency, or service carried out. They protect your staff and your business. They also provide consistency in your business, presenting you with a professional appearance.

When it comes to making decisions, home health care companies need to know the framework which they are working within. We help you work quickly and efficiently whilst also complying to legislation. Where legislation is not an issue, they can also be tailored to your company’s requirements. You can do it yourself (DIY), or get them customized by us (Customized). The choice is yours.

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